Inscape introduces Aria, Neocon 2014 Winner of Best New Product (Walls). 

Aria's double-glazed office fronts not only provide superior acoustics, up to STC 45 with 1/2" laminated glass, but concealed inside the top and bottom rails are clever leveling shoes that allow for up to 1 7/8" height adjustment. Sleek aluminum profiles allow for minimal butt joints and a flush finish to the face of the glass.

To anyone who has worked with European Wall Products, such a wide range of height adaptability is a very unusual capability. And that's probably because of an interesting difference in the way most offices are constructed in Europe. It's far more common overseas to have raised floors, which eliminate the floor variations that we see in the United States with concrete slab construction. Aria's height adjustability eliminates the needs to flash patch and level floors.

Aria products have also been adapted to meet the hardware needs on this side of the pond. Hardware compatibility with major brands like Corbin-Russwin, Yale, Sargent, Schlage and Best means that we are able to provide consistent keying throughout your space, or to your building.

All these details add up to unique and beautiful options for European designed partition systems with their signature aesthetics.