Sound Solutions for Private Spaces


iWall aluminum and glass partition systems feature English craftsmanship and design in a variety of partition systems in both single and double glazed, framed or frameless styles. Fashioned from heavy gauge 2mm extruded aluminum for its exceptional strength, acoustic and installation performance, iWall partition system are technically advanced and meticulously engineered.

Fast 4 week fabrication time available in standard powder coat paint color, or slightly longer 6 week leadtime in annodized aluminum finish or any RAL power coat paint color.


iWall Single Glazed Solutions

iWall Single and Double Glazed frameless partition systems feature minimal framing and a choice of either aluminum or clear polycarbonate, I-Beam type dry glazing joints. A framed version of the same system offers an alternate aesthetic and clean vertical lines.

3/8" or 1/2" Tempered or Laminated Glass Options are customized to individual job requirements and are domestically sourced in the US



iWall Double Glazed Solutions

Rated at 42 - 47 Rw dB,  iWall Double Glazed Walls are perfect for creating private spaces in your workspace.  (Rw dB measurements are based on the European Acoustic ISO 717/3 Standards, which are comparable to US STC Ratings, but are tested with a slightly different frequency range). Double-Glazed Glass Doors create a vault-like environment to shield against outside distractions or to maintain discretion of private conversations.